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Shut up. Just shut up. You don't get to tell me that we're not together. We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We are together. And if you ever sleep with anyone else again, man or woman, I will kick the crap out of you. Now you sit your ass back down there because that's my baby in there. I don't want anything happening to my baby
— Arizona Robbins to Callie Torres

Arizona Robbins is currently the Head of Pediatric Surgery and a board member at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and wife of Callie Torres. She is the mother of Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Arizona was named after the battleship, the U.S.S. Arizona, on which her grandfather served. She came from a military family, her father being a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Her brother later joined the army and died.

The way she described her upbringing is that she was "..raised to be a good man in a storm. Raised to love my country. Love my family. Protect the things I love." It led her to be patriotic, loyal and dedicated in her adult life, especially to her family.

She learned to act tough when she had to, due to her name, and never had to "come out" to her parents because it wasn't a shock to them. She had a poster of Cindy Crawford in her room and she wasn't looking at her beauty mark. She never brought any boys home and when she finally brought home a girl, Joanne, her mother wasn't surprised. She had expected her father to react by saying "How fast can you get the hell out of my house?" but instead he asked her "Are you still who I raised you to be?".

During her residency, she was a "full-on horror show".

Starting to Work at Seattle Grace Edit

After completing her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Arizona was hired as a surgical fellow at Seattle Grace Hospital's pediatric surgery department. When head pediatric surgeon Jordan Kenleydied, Arizona was promoted to department head and took over Dr. Kenley's cases. She worked together with Alex Karev and Miranda Bailey on Jackson Prescott, a young boy dear to Bailey. They disagreed when Arizona wanted to change Dr. Kenley's course of treatment. Arizona thought it wasn't working, though Bailey fully supported Kenley's plans. Arizona agreed to follow Kenley's course of treatment for another day, but did want to explore other options. She told Bailey they'd meet in the OR as she rolled off on her Heelys, which made Bailey start to dislike her.

The disliking grew in the OR where Arizona said that it was a miracle that Jackson was still alive, as he should've been on the transplant list a year ago. Behind Arizona's back, Bailey complained about her to Richard, though he didn't really listen and he assured her that Arizona was the best. When Arizona told Bailey after surgery to put Jackson on the transplant list, Bailey asked to get a second opinion. Arizona gave her Norman McCale's number, saying he'd totally agree with her plan. Bailey said there was no need to snap, but Arizona found there was. Arizona said that she got that Bailey kept on second guessing her as she liked and trusted Kenley, but she said that she was not the problem. She asked Bailey to start thinking about Jackson instead of her, as he needed all the time he could get. Bailey later realized that Arizona was "okay", which she also told the Chief, to whom she had earlier complained. ("Wish You Were Here")

Plane Crash Edit

Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital was asked by another hospital at Boise to send over a couple of surgeons to assist the surgeons at Boise with a surgery to separate conjoined twins, a surgery the doctors in Seattle had successfully completed earlier that year. Originally, Alex was on the plane to Boise to represent Arizona's department, but then Arizona heard that he had chosen to take the fellowship at Johns Hopkins instead of staying in Seattle to be study under her. She was furious, scolded him and yelled at him, saying that he could no longer represent the hospital. She took his place on the plane and pulled him off every single pediatric case before she left. During their flight, the back of the plane broke off and the plane crashed in the woods. ("Migration")

Shortly after the crash, Arizona was lying next to the front part of the wreckage and she kept on screaming until Cristina yelled at her to shut up. Arizona then points Meredith, Mark, and Cristina into the direction of a consistent banging sound, which turned out to be Lexie, who was crushed under a part of the plane, banging a belt against the metal. While the others went away, Arizona sat up and tore open her pants, revealing she had an open femur fracture. She was panicking, when the pilot asked if there was someone. He told her he couldn't move. She told him her name and instructed him not to move, as he could injure himself even more. She informed him that she thought they were all alive and then started laughing because she was in shock. When he told her he couldn't feel his legs, she suddenly stopped laughing, and he said he knew that was bad. 


Arizona splints her leg in 8x24

Later on, Cristina came back and sought supplies to help splint Arizona's leg. Arizona told her she could do it herself, which she did, but asked Cristina to take a look at Jerry, who was found to be paralyzed. When Cristina yelled, "I found it!", Arizona thought she found the first aid box, but Cristina was talking about her shoe. Arizona then looked at her hand, and noticed there was dry blood on it. She then coughed up blood again. In the evening, Cristina, Meredith, and Derek dragged Mark's body back to the front part of the plane. Mark then informed Arizona that Lexie died. When Arizona was asking Jerry about 4 hours he mentioned earlier, a helicopter passed over the woods, and she screamed along with the others, but it didn't help. While she was out in the woods, Alex left her a message to tell her that he chose to go to Hopkins to see if he was something without her around. When it got dark, Mark told her that he was ready to go to Lexie, but Arizona convinced him to fight to stay alive as she, Callie, and Sofia were waiting for him. Back in Seattle, Callie was dressed in sexy lingerie, waiting for Arizona to come home. ("Flight") 

Leg Amputation Edit


Arizona makes Callie promise not to cut off her leg in 9x02

After four days in the woods, Arizona and the others were taken to the hospital in Boise, where scans were taken of her leg. While the Chief in Boise recommended amputation, Arizona interfered and told Owen she gave no one permission to cut off her leg. Following her request to go to Callie, she and the others were sedated and put on a plane to Seattle, where Callie started taking care of the infected leg. After Bailey's visit with Sofia, Arizona realized her future was uncertain.The thought of an amputation came back in her head, which scared her so much that she urged Callie to came up with a plan to save the leg and she made her promise that she wouldn't cut if off, and so Callie did. Callie did came up with a plan to save the leg and although Owen mentioned a prosthetic would give Arizona a much better quality of life, the surgery was planned. However, when Alex visited Arizona, she started crashing because of the infection. He did everything he could, but she kept deteriorating. He went to Callie, who was in the middle of the surgery on Derek's hand, and she ordered him to cut off the leg and do his best at it. After the surgery, Callie held Arizona's hand until she woke up. ("Remember the Time")

After her left leg was amputated, Arizona got depressed. When Mark died 30 days later, Callie went into her bedroom, where Arizona was just sitting in bed, and she told Arizona that she couldn't keep doing things alone. She yelled at Arizona to get out of bed and "snap at out this". While Callie was ranting over how Sofia lost a parent and she lost her best friend, Arizona turned towards Callie. "Snap out of this? Snap out of this?" Arizona said while she revealed her residual limb. "How the hell am I supposed to snap out of this when you cut off my leg?" Arizona says. She then turns her back towards Callie again, while Callie left her alone. ("Going, Going, Gone")


Arizona blames Callie for making her decisions. (9x03)

Some time later, Callie told Arizona, who was back at home in a wheelchair, about the settlement the survivors were offered by the plane company. While she kept on talking about how good the settlement would be for them, Arizona ignored her and didn't respond, and even pulled away when Callie tried to make physical contact with her. The next day, Callie told Arizona she should come to the settlement meeting to make her own decision about whether or not she wanted to take it.Arizona started sniping that she didn't need to be there, as Callie was there and that Callie took other decisions for her, too, like the one to cut off her leg. Callie came home to get Arizona for the meeting anyway, only to find her sitting in a pool of her own urine in the bathroom, having fired the homecare nurse for not liking her. Arizona blamed Callie that Callie's decision to cut off her leg made her unable to go the toilet on her own. Against her will, Callie picked her up and put her in the shower, and made it clear that Arizona's problems were her problems too, as they lived together. Without Arizona, she went to the meeting, where it was decided not to take the settlement. ("Love the One You're With")

Arizona agreed to go to the hospital to fit a prosthetic, but only if no one knew about it, though Callie accidentally told Alex because she thought he had seen Arizona. Meanwhile, Arizona was introduced to her prosthetist, David Moore. He took a look at her residual limb, commenting that it was healing well as there was no scar tissue. Later, he was putting plaster bandages on Arizona's residuum when Callie came in, thinking Arizona would be ready. Arizona yelled at her for not checking her voice mail, where she left her a message. The next day, Arizona tried on her first prosthetic. Without checking it first, she told him it was fine. He told her not to rush and tried to get her up to take a few steps, but she yelled to let her go when he tried to help her up. He made it clear she still needed help with her leg and that she should let the people in her corner help her. He then went away to do other work and left her alone to give her some time. While she was alone, she tried to take a few steps when Alex came in. She fell, but he caught her. He then took a look at her left leg too and told her they needed her back in her department. "I'm trying," she says. Before he left, he told her Callie was trying too. When David got back, Arizona was standing in front of a mirror. She then gave him some remarks about the prosthetic and he told her he'd do something about it. At the end of the day, Arizona allowed Callie, who was ready to go back to Mark's place, to sit next to her on the couch to watch American Bake Off together. ("I Saw Her Standing There")

Hearing how Callie was struggling with Arizona, Bailey planned to get Arizona back to work. She used a difficult case to lure Arizona out of her apartment and to the hospital. With fake promises to deliver the patient's chart, she managed to get Arizona walking to the door of her apartment. As the chart wasn't there, Arizona was angry and called Bailey, who promised her to check with happened with the chart. She didn't hear back from Bailey, she left an angry message, which was all part of Bailey's plan. When Bailey didn't reply, Arizona left her apartment to go the hospital and get the chart herself. While Bailey confessed to Callie that she may have pushed Arizona too hard, they saw her walking in the hallway. Bailey told Callie to hide, as her presence would mean too much pressure. Arizona walked over to Bailey, and when she saw the chart, she came up with a possible diagnosis. She informed Bailey on the disease, who was actually just playing stupid to make Arizona feel comfortable at work again. ("Second Opinion") 


Arizona returns to work. (9x07)

On Arizona's first day back at work, Callie urged everyone not to make a big deal out of it and unbeknownst to Arizona, she put Heather Brooks on wheelchair duty, so Arizona would have a wheelchair nearby when she wanted to sit down. Despite everyone's efforts not to make a big deal out of it, like Alex paying a kid not to ask her about the fake leg, there were some comments about her return and prosthetic, like Bailey mentioning her first surgery was a lot of standing for her first day back. Arizona also walked slower with her walking stick than other doctors, like Alex, who could still run. When they got paged to the ER, Arizona told Alex to run and that she'd follow. While walking to the ER, Arizona noticed Heather with the wheelchair and asked if she could help her, but Heather talked herself out of it with an excuse. When Arizona finally arrived in the ER, April and Alex had already taken the kid to CT. After surgery, Arizona was so proud of herself for getting through the day and completing the surgery that she put all her weight on her left foot, which caused her to fall down. Alex was really worried and sent everyone out to give her some time, but she just laughed about it. After work, Callie came home where she saw Arizona having a little dance party with Sofia and Arizona told her about her good day. ("I Was Made for Lovin' You")

 Despite being asked to be a bridesmaid, Arizona didn't want to go to Bailey's wedding because she wouldn't be able to wear high heels, and flats make her feel less feminine and confident. Callie tried to cheer her up, but it didn't really work. Callie then acknowledged the wedding would just be another reminder of the leg, but told her she was still more beautiful than the other women at the wedding. The next day, moments before leaving for the wedding, Arizona confessed she still wanted to stay home. Callie was angry and told her that the wedding would be all about Bailey and not about the leg, which it had been all about for the past five months. Arizona then put her flat shoe on her prosthetic foot and they left for the wedding, where they waited for Bailey. When Callie confessed she told Bailey she could flee from the wedding, Arizona thought it was a reference to their marriage and was a little offended. ("Run, Baby, Run")

While waiting for Bailey to come to the wedding after the surgery, Callie assured Arizona that her comment to Bailey was just a joke, but this made Arizona think about their marriage. She booked them a room in the hotel where the wedding was organized, and they went there with some mac and cheese cupcakes from the buffet (for in case they worked up an appetite). After preparing the room to get intimate, they confessed they were both nervous. They kissed, but Arizona then said she wanted to take her leg off first while Callie waited in the bathroom, as she wanted the evening to be all about sexy and taking off her prosthetic leg wouldn't be so sexy. Callie thought she was joking at first, but she did what Arizona asked her to when she noticed how serious she was. However, Arizona didn't take off her leg and apologized when Callie came back into the room. She apologized, but she wasn't ready to get sexy again. They ordered champagne to eat with the cupcakes while watching an old movie together. While watching the movie, Arizona suddenly asked Callie not to run, saying she knew she was horrible and that she was finally starting to feel like herself again. She also said that she didn't want everything to be about the leg all the time, and that she couldn't lose Callie. "So please, don't run," Arizona asked her wife. Callie promised her that there was no way she was going to leave Arizona's side, and Arizona then proposed a good old fashioned junior high makeout. After their makeout, they sneaked back to the wedding, where Bailey and Ben were performing their opening dance. ("Things We Said Today")

However, Arizona had a dream about leg falling apart in hundreds of pieces. She suffered from phantom limb at night, but when it started to happen during the day too, she didn't want to talk to Callie about it. During a surgery, Arizona's leg kept on hurting, forcing her to leave the OR. She went to a lounge, where she took of her prosthetic. Owen and Alana Cahill, the physician advisor, came in, and Arizona assured them she was fine. Owen asked Alana to leave them alone, and Arizona though Alana would have her fired, as she hadn't been very efficient lately. Arizona thought she was going crazy, as she felt pain in a part of her that no longer existed, but Owen assured her phantom limb was a very real thing. He took a mirror out of a closet and placed it in between her legs, so she could visualize a leg that didn't hurt. In the army, he had seen phantom limb before and know some ways to ease the pain, the mirror being one of them. It helped a little, and Owen asked her what Callie said about it. Arizona confessed that she hadn't told Callie, as she wanted to be Callie's wife again after having been her patient for so long. She also didn't want her life to get screwed over by something that wasn't even there. Owen then promised he would help her to figure it out. She later met with Alana, who understood that she was having a moment. 

Buying the Hospital Edit

On the day of the judgement about the plane crash, Arizona interrupted Derek's ping pong game to inform him that the lawyer called to tell that they had to meet at the court house. The hospital was found negligent, and each of the survivors was granted 15 million dollars, each. The doctors, Arizona in particular, weren't extremely happy about the award and went back to work. Throughout the day, Callie planned a "survivor's dinner" to celebrate that they won the case. They called a sitter for Sofia and went to the dinner, where Callie celebrated that Arizona stood up for 5 hours and that they were all still alive. They also toasted to celebrate Meredith's pregnancy. Back at the hospital, Owen found out the insurance company wasn't going to pay, because with Arizona having taken Alex's place on the plane, there were more attendings on the plane than are normally allowed. This would mean the hospital had to pay the awards for the doctors itself, but since there wasn't enough money to do so, the hospital would go bankrupt.  ("The End is the Beginning is the End") 

Pregnancy and Miscarriage Edit

While attending Meredith's baby shower, Arizona noted how glowy the pregnant Meredith looked. She then turned to Callie and suggested they have a second baby, as it would be nice to have something new and happy to think about. She suggested that she carry the baby this time and a surprised and enthusiastic Callie agreed. 

They soon started to look through several sperm donors and eventually decided on an Ivy League poet, smart and creative. They were drinking wine while Arizona asked Callie if she was going to like being pregnant, and Callie said it's the best, aside from numerous disadvantages, like no drinking. Arizona then jokingly said goodbye to her glass of wine.

Soon after, Arizona was inseminated. When her period was one day late and her breasts started to hurt, Arizona took a pregnancy test and found out that she was in fact pregnant. She told Callie that they were having a baby when Callie came home that night after a long day of work. They hugged in happiness, and Callie even kissed Arizona's belly.

The now happy again couple went to look at a house with a pool and a swing set, where Arizona started dreaming of the life she and her family could have there. When Arizona took a step towards Callie, who wasn't paying attention to the house as she was busy working on her phone, she stumbled but managed to right herself, showing that her prosthetic leg is no longer a problem to her. 

On the day of the first ultrasound, Callie was unable to come to the appointment because her surgery on Travis Reed ran long. Arizona came to the scrub room to inform her that she had missed the appointment, and Callie apologized. She asked Arizona to see the picture of the ultrasound, but Arizona told her that there was no picture. The OB did the ultrasound, but couldn't find a heartbeat. She lost the baby.

Later on, Arizona tried to tell Callie how she felt about the miscarriage. Callie thought she was trying to pick a fight and said that they both lost the baby. She proposed they could wait a while before trying again, but Arizona replied that she didn't want to try again as she couldn't handle any more loss. Callie pushed Arizona to answer when she asked her if that meant she didn't ever want to try again, but all Arizona could say was that she didn't know. A disappointed Callie then left Arizona alone to go check on her patient. ("Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word") 

Cheating on Callie Edit

Soon after her miscarriage, Arizona met a woman named Lauren at the coffee cart when she accidentally took Lauren's coffee. Arizona apologized, but Lauren made no big deal out of it and just took Arizona's coffee instead. Before walking away, she told Arizona she hoped she'd see her around, charming Arizona. Arizona tried to tell Callie who Lauren was (as her name was on the cup of coffee), but Callie was too occupied with trying to get through to Bailey, who had locked herself in her lab. Lauren and Arizona did meet again later when Lauren turned out to be the craniofacial surgeon flown in to consult on a case of Arizona and Jackson. Lauren said she looked forward to talking strategy later on that day, charming Arizona again. While talking about the approach, Callie came in and Arizona introduced her to Lauren. Lauren continued explaining her approach, and said she'd make sure to show off a little in surgery for Arizona. Impressed by Lauren's skills, Callie whispered to Arizona that she was a little bit in love with Lauren, and Arizona awkwardly smiled. At the end of the day, Arizona met Lauren again in the elevator, which was what Lauren had hoped for. She complimented Arizona's eyes, and Arizona then said she was married to Callie and that she only had one leg. As she walked out of the elevator, Lauren said she already knew this as there is only Arizona Robbins on the Internet. Arizona smiled as the doors closed, charmed by the attention she was getting and her having only one leg being no problem for Lauren. ("Do You Believe in Magic")

 When Owen informed his staff that they had to cancel all elective procedures as preparation for the superstorm heading towards Seattle, Callie asked Arizona if she was going to postpone Tyler's surgery. Arizona snapped that a baby with his brain on his face wasn't elective and walked away. While presenting the procedure to Tyler's parents, Arizona told the parents she was not worried a bit, clearly complimenthing Lauren's skills. Outside the room, Lauren and Arizona chatted for a while, and Arizona confessed that she googled Lauren too. They discovered they studied under the same surgeon, which made Lauren allow Arizona to do part of the surgery. Lauren then asked to get coffee before the surgery, but Arizona said she had other things to do. Lauren joked Arizona was probably going to cyberstalk her some more, and Arizona replied she might. 

While scrubbing in early for the surgery, they discovered they were both control freaks. They started flirting somewhat, until Jackson entered the scrub room too. During the surgery, Lauren complimented both Arizona and Jackson for having bought the hospital and saved the staff. She looked right into Arizona's eyes and told her she was impressed. She asked Arizona to move closer to her to start her part of the surgery, while she offered to let Jackson do another part. At the end of the surgery, Lauren left to go the bathroom and Jackson then said that Lauren was just one of these people who could make you feel great. He wished she could stay around a little longer, and Arizona quietly agreed. Later that day, during the proposal when Matthew told April he felt a shock when he first saw her, Arizona and Lauren looked at each other. 

Moments later, the storm hit Seattle and Arizona and Lauren went to talk to Tyler's parents. Outside the room, Lauren asked Arizona to show her to on-call room as she likes to stay close by in case anything happens the first night post-op. Arizona did so, and they were both sorry Tyler's case was over. Lauren then said she would want her back at some point, and Arizona replied that would be great. Arizona stook out her hand to say goodbye, but Lauren laughed at this. They moved closer and hugged, and as the lights fell out due to the storm, they kissed each other in the dark. When the lights came back on, Arizona pushed Lauren off and walked towards the door, saying she couldn't do this. Right before opening the door, Lauren told Arizona she was allowed to lose a little bit of control. Arizona then locked the door, kissed Lauren again, and took off Lauren's lab coat. ("Readiness is All")

As Callie started questioning where Arizona was, Arizona got dressed again in the on-call room to get to the understaffed NICU. Lauren, who was still lying in the bed, asked if she needed an extra set of hands to help out, but Arizona rejected the offer. The situation in the NICU got even complicated when the electricity died, meaning the ventilator batteries would die eventually. However, Lauren did not listen and came to the NICU anyway, stating she was not going to sit around while there was a room full of babies needing help. Alex happily accepted her help as Arizona had just told them they needed to do anything to keep the parents happy. While looking for spare batteries for the NICU machines, Arizona confessed to Alex that she cheated on Callie with "that woman out there" and that she felt horrible about it.

As Arizona was manually ventilating a baby, Lauren came over and told her that she wasn't going to leave things like this as she liked Arizona a lot. Then Callie appeared, just as the electricity came back on. In the light, Callie noticed Arizona's ring was pinned to Lauren's scrub top. Lauren tried to come up with an excuse, but Callie figured out what had happened. She and Arizona went to a lounge, where they started fighting. Callie questioned how Arizona could cheat on her after everything they've survived, like the plane crash. Arizona then yelled back that Callie hadn't been on the plane and out there in the woods for days, even though she kept on acting like she had been. Arizona then asked if Callie wanted the badge of honor and the warrior wounds for having survived the plane crash. "Then great, stick out your leg and I will go grab a bone saw and let's even the score!" Arizona yelled at Callie, who was heartbroken that Arizona still hadn't forgiven her about the leg. Arizona explained that Callie was the one person she trusted most in her life, and she was the one who decided to cut off the leg. Callie yelled back that she did so to save Arizona's life. Arizona yelled back that Callie didn't lose anything, while she did, alluding to her amputation and her miscarriage. A crying Callie replied that she apparently did lose Arizona. ("Perfect Storm") 

Trying to Fix Her Marriage Edit

After Callie made the comment about having lost her, Arizona was left speechless as an angry Callie left the room. When Jackson came into the board meeting to tell them that Dr. Boswell was in a cab on her way to the airport, Callie outed Arizona as a cheater in front of everyone, embarrassing Arizona. Arizona and Callie were forced to work together on a victim of the mudslide caused by the storm, much to Callie's dislike. She specifically requested Bailey for the surgery on the patient, but since Bailey was busy with Richard, Arizona stepped up as a general surgeon. In the scrub room, Arizona asked Callie to set aside their problems for the patient. During the surgery, Leah complimented Arizona's technique, and Callie then apologized for having stated that Arizona wasn't a general surgeon. Arizona replied that it was okay, as they've all said things they shouldn't have. Later that day, Arizona met Alex in a supply room and they talked about her cheating. She thought it would make them stronger as a couple. She told him the ortho metaphor she worked out to tell Callie, but Alex wasn't enthusiastic about it and advised her to stick to apologizing for being such a slut. While they watched how Richard was brought to the OR, Arizona unsuccessfully tried to make eye contact with Callie("Seal Our Fate")

 Later that evening, Arizona found Callie and asked her to have a conversation. She started saying that she deserved Callie telling everyone what she did, but Callie broke her off, saying now wasn't the time to talk. When Arizona came home after work, she found out that Callie took her clothes, Sofia, and some of Sofia's clothes. Not knowing that Callie was staying at Meredith's with Sofia, Arizona went back to the hospital and tried to get someone to page Callie 911, as Callie didn't reply to Arizona's pages. She got Alex to do so, but Callie was too drunk already to reply. Arizona was paged to Meredith's room, where Meredith told her that Callie and Sofia were at her house. Arizona went there, and she and Callie argued over their marriage and the decision to start a family while Derek watched Zola and Sofia. The next day at the hospital, Callie told Arizona, who started apologizing for the previous night, that they were going to take a break and live apart for a while, with switching off Sofia every two nights. They would do it like that for unknown time. However, that night, Arizona came to Meredith's house asking for a couple of minutes with Sofia. Cristina interfered and made Callie allow it. Arizona took her daughter to the deck, where she told Sofia that she loved and missed her. ("I Want You With Me")

Arizona decided to look nice to get Callie back. She got a haircut and chose Callie's favorite red dress. It was an incredibly busy day at work, as the hospital, which was in financial difficulties after the damage done by the storm, needed both doctors and board members. Also, several board members were out and Callie and Arizona couldn't be in the same room together, complicating things even more. Arizona reminded Callie that they had an appointment for couples' therapy, but Callie wasn't sure she was going to be there yet. In the evening, Owen did finally manage to gather all the board members to plan a fundraising gala to help out the hospital financially. At the end of the day, Callie did show up at the therapist's office, but only to tell Arizona that she was not going to therapy with her yet. She advised Arizona to follow therapy on her own for a while. Arizona begged her to talk about what happened as she really needed to talk, but Callie, who noticed Arizona wore the red dress, didn't want to talk about the cheating as it hurt her and walked off, leaving behind a devestated Arizona. ("Everybody's Crying Mercy")

Arizona went to the fundraising gala, but soon left after having shared some awkward looks with Callie, who started to tell people that her wife died in the plane crash just to get more donations out of the rich people at the party. Arizona went to the hospital and started crying in a supply closet, only to be found by April, who was sent back to the hospital by Jackson to get cooling blankets for the champagne bottles. Arizona made up an excuse and told April she was fine, but started crying again as soon as April left the room. At the gala, April overheard Callie's fake story of being a widow and she decided to support Arizona. She took two bottles of champagne and returned to the hospital to drink with Arizona. Arizona then confessed she couldn't stand the way everyone stared at her, and the way everyone talked and judged her, including April. "I now you're trying to hide it, but I can see it on your face," Arizona said. Arizona didn't deny she was a cheater, and explained that she cheated because Lauren stared at her too, but in a different way. She stared in a way that made Arizona feel really good. They got drunk, and paged Leah to the closet to get them some more champagne and snacks. Arizona asked April if she thought Callie was ever going to forgive her, and April honestly told her that Callie was telling everyone at the gala that Arizona was dead, so she guessed not. They got drunker and got more fun, both agreeing that they need to have fun again. At some point, April asked her if she could try on her leg and they both laughed. They called a cab to get them home, and Leah helped Arizona to get in. Leah asked Arizona to treat her with more respect. "You're adorable," Arizona said, as she touched Leah's nose. Arizona then closed the door and the cab drove off. ("Puttin' on the Ritz")

 Some time after the gala, Leah brought Arizona a cup of coffee before the big surgery with Shepherd. Arizona asked April what she did to make Leah so nice to her, and then vaguely remembered that she may have brought Leah home with her the night of the gala. She was drunk then and now only had a vague memory of Leah in her kitchen, making her question if she slept with her. Arizona handed over the mortgage slips to Callie, who snapped at her. Arizona said that if Callie wanted her to move out, she only had to ask, but Callie replied she didn't want to live in the apartment she shared with her cheating wife. During the surgery, Leah came in, ready to scrub in. She told Arizona that she promised to allow her to scrub in on the surgery on the night of the gala. Leah promised her she wouldn't tell anybody what happened, but Arizona cut her off and said she could be more useful handling patients on the floor, making Leah leave. That night, Arizona had a drink at Joe's bar, when Callie came in and told her that she was kicking Arizona out of the apartment right now, not even allowing her to pack up her stuff. Leah overheard this and offered her to stay at her place, and Arizona then asked her to tell what they did after the gala as she didn't remember and she was worried about what happened as Leah was a pretty girl. Leah told her she went to check if Arizona made it home, only to find her passed out on the hallway floor. They went inside, had a dance party, and ate grilled cheese sandwiches while watching videos of Shepherd performing a spinal AVM surgery, which is when Arizona promised her she could scrub in. Arizona confessed she only vaguely remembered the grilled cheese, and Leah then asked her to go back to the part where she said she was pretty, making Arizona smile in embarrassment. ("I Bet It Stung")

 Arizona and Leah started off a somewhat secret relationship and hung out together, but Leah thought it was more than Arizona did and she kept on texting Arizona. At the hospital, Leah told her she was ready to take it further. Arizona didn't think it was a good idea, though she still agreed to hang out that night. Leah planned to scrub in on a surgery with Arizona, which was observed by Emma, but Arizona said the OR was full and sent Leah away. In surgery, Arizona asked Alex about his strategy to get away from someone who gets way too attached after a one-night stand, which wasn't even a real one-night stand. "You know who's like that? Leah Murphy," Alex said, adding that Leah goes from zero to "I love you" in 7 seconds. Leah eventually told her fellow residents that she was having something with Arizona. Arizona waved her over and Leah apologized to Arizona for having told them, but Arizona then said she was going to be very frank. She said the other night was a bad call because she was lonely, that it was just once and that it would stay that way, and she asked Leah to adjust her expectations if she was expecting more. An emotional Leah said it was her fault and apologized for having misunderstood as she tried to hold back her tears. This touched Arizona and she tried to talk, but Leah ran off into the restroom. That night, Arizona felt lonely again in her hotel room and decided to text Leah again. ("Map of You")

 Arizona started off a sexual relationship with Leah and they agreed it would just be sex. However, the night before Halloween, Leah did sleep over, which they had previously agreed she wouldn't do. Arizona didn't seem to mind and let go of their agreement when she offered to have breakfast together, but Leah left as she wanted to show Arizona she was serious about being easy peasy. At the hospital, Arizona and Callie found out they both made different costumes for Sofia. Arizona proposed to have Sofia choose between her astronaut costume and Callie's princess costume, but Callie thought it wasn't worth the fight and told Arizona she could take Sofia to the party at Meredith's. Before going to the party, Arizona opened up to Leah, who was scared she got HIV after a patient bit her,  about her first disease scare during her residency and she told Leah she didn't have to try to be easy peasy all the time. In the evening, Callie and Arizona eventually both went to Meredith's party and set aside their problems that night for Sofia. They combined their costumes, so Sofia dressed up as a space princess, which was the first thing they agreed on in months. Together with Meredith and Derek, they took Sofia out for trick-or-treating. ("Thriller")

 When Emma Marling was offered a position as maternal-fetal surgeon, Arizona informed her that Callie, her ex-wife, was going to interview her. Emma asked for more information about Callie, and Arizona told her that Callie is great, but not that great as they're divorced now. During a conversation with April, Arizona revealed that she and Leah took the flirtation further and had amazing sex. After the interview, Emma asked Arizona how long she and Callie have been divorced, and while playing with her necklace, Arizona admitted that she didn't think they were, saying they were more more just separated than divorced. Emma noted that Arizona was still wearing the ring while seeing other people, which Arizona confirmed. Emma apologized for being too p.ersonal, but Arizona didn't mind as they do too personal on a daily basis at Grey Sloan Memorial. That night, before joining Leah in the shower in her hotel room, Arizona carefully took off her necklace and carefully put it away in a box. ("Two Against One")

 After Callie was informed that both she and the hospital were being sued by Travis Reed, a board meeting was called. They discussed whether or not the hospital should settle, as they were risking bankruptcy all over again if the case was going to trial. The hospital decided to settle, while Callie decided to fight the allegations. When Arizona came to pick up Sofia before Callie had to go to the court for her lawsuit, she told Callie that she was willing to do whatever Callie needed to feel good in the difficult period of being sued. While Callie was putting on her pantyhose, Arizona noted that Callie had her wedding ring back on. Callie replied that she put it on because her lawyer told her to, and Arizona then wished her good luck before leaving with Sofia. During a break in court, Arizona met Callie in the bathroom of the courthouse, where Callie was changing her pantyhose. Callie was feeling awful, and Arizona gave her a drawing Sofia made to make her feel better. Callie took the drawing and thanked Arizona for being there. They then shared a laugh when they discovered Callie had accidentally put on pantyhose with butterflies on them

Days after, Arizona came to pick up Sofia at Callie's. She was stared at intensely by Callie's dad, as he found out she cheated on his daughter. Feeling uncomfortable, Arizona quickly left with Sofia. However, it was Carlos who later revealed during a conversation with Callie that he once cheated, but he and Callie's mother decided to give their marriage another chance, with Callie's mother having forgiven him for the one mistake he made. Callie then went to Arizona's hotel room, and told her that she got that Arizona made one mistake. She forgave her for that and asked her to come home. She gave Arizona time to think about it and left. Arizona then went back into her hotel room, where she asked a naked Leah to get dressed and leave right now. ("Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word")

Not long after, Arizona moved back into Callie's apartment, though Callie made her sleep on the couch. At work. she and Leah worked together on a girl with a broken femur, which required Callie consulting. Arizona made it clear to Leah that she and Callie were trying to repair their marriage and assured her that it didn't have to be awkward between the three of them. However, Arizona confessed to Callie that she slept with someone more than ten times while they were broken up but assured her that it was over. Arizona begged her wife to keep trying to fix their marriage, and after agreeing, they hugged each other for the first time in months. Arizona didn't mention who she slept with, though Callie figured it out later in surgery when Leah made a mistake and desperately begged Arizona to step in and help her. Arizona did help her, but when Leah was ranting at her after the surgery for having told Callie that they slept together, Arizona made it clear that her marriage was more important than making sure Callie wouldn't hate Leah. At the end of the day, Arizona told an angry Callie that she couldn't keep apologizing and that Callie couldn't keep playing a victim. Arizona said that she was back, but not to be Callie's whipping boy and then demanded to sleep in the bed again. Callie asked for one more night to process Arizona having slept with Leah, and Arizona pointed out she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about Arizona being back. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Arizona and Callie continued to work on their marriage. They managed to stay professional with Leah, who tried her best to forget about Arizona. However, there was still some tension between Arizona and Callie. When Callie was sad because her research was failing, Arizona tried to get her to cheer up, but after some snapping, Callie just walked out on Arizona. While talking with Kimmie about their marriages where one of the partners cheated, Kimmie revealed that she and her husband just hope things will get better as they don't feel the need to talk it to death. At the end of the evening, Callie and Arizona started fighting again at their apartment. They then realize that them trying to talk with each other so much may be the problem, and they kiss each other passionately. ("Man on the Moon")

On the day of April's wedding, Callie and Derek started the second phase of their research. When Callie joined Arizona in surgery, she told her wife that it was a good thing for her, as the goal of the research was to get Arizona a leg that's as sensitive and responsive as the leg she lost. During the surgery, Callie asked Arizona if she would wear her high heel leg to the wedding, but advised her not to as the wedding was at a muddy farm and Arizona's leg always gets sore after a while. Arizona said she'll be fine, and then Callie heard that the boy they were operating on was most likely accidentally paralyzed by his father, who didn't wait for an ambulance after the accident. Callie started criticizing the father, but Arizona came to his defense. "Sometimes we try to make things better and we have actually no idea that we're actually causing more pain," Arizona said, clearly also talking about Callie trying to fix her.

At the wedding, Callie once again brought up that she was doing the research for Arizona. Arizona started crying a bit, and she quickly went to the farm with Callie. Arizona went to help April to get dressed up, and broke down in the dressing room. She revealed it was driving her crazy how Callie kept on trying to forgive and take care of her. She clarified she really wants to fix the relationship that she had broken, while Callie wants to fix her. Arizona added that that's what made Lauren so attractive, as she was still attracted to Arizona, even though she never knew her before the accident. Callie makes her feel like she's not enough, and she's knows it's unfair to Callie, which is why she hates feeling like this. "Callie is trying to fix everything and I'm finally feeling okay the way that I am now, and I'm not sure Callie will ever make me feel that way," Arizona concluded as April hugged her to comfort her. Arizona walked April down the aisle and shared a look with Callie, which made her cry once again. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

Trying for Another Baby, Counseling, and Separation Edit

Callie and Arizona decided to use a surrogate to try to have another child. However, they got into a fight in the waiting room at the surrogacy agency and put the idea on hold. They decided to go see a marriage counselor who told them to take a 30 day break. During their first attempt, they kissed on day 10 and had to re-start. On the second go, day 29, Callie and Arizona slept together, but agreed not to tell their marriage counselor. As Arizona kept busy with her new fellowship, Callie confided in Meredith and they went to Joe's bar together. On day 30, they went back to the counselor together, where Arizona said that she needed Callie, her anchor. However, Callie responded that she had spent the last 30 days feeling free, doing more and feeling better. She decided she didn't want to be with someone who felt stuck and she believed that working on their marriage was slowly killing her. ("Bend & Break")

New Fellowship Edit

Arizona began a new fellowship at GSMH with Dr. Nicole Herman, outstanding fetal surgeon who began to teach Arizona all her skills and knowledge. ("Got to Be Real") Arizona quickly learned that Dr. Herman had a brain tumor and had been given six months to live. ("Don't Let's Start") Dr. Herman stated that in that time, she would teach Arizona everything she knows for none of her knowledge is written down in books and she wanted her knowledge to be known so it could save more lives. Arizona agreed to continue to work with her without telling anyone else.("Could We Start Again, Please?") However, she began to suspect that Dr. Herman's behavior change was due to the tumor and had her scans sent over for her to look at. She consulted with Amelia, who later told Arizona that she believed she could remove the tumor. ("Risk")

Personality Edit

At the time of her first appearance, Arizona was a cheerful and bubbly person, waking up happy every day. She genuinely cares for her parents and their relatives. Her bright personality became darker after the plane crash, but over time, she found herself and her happiness again, albeit more serious than she used to be.

Relationships Edit

Callie Torres Edit

Calzona Wedding

Callie and Arizona's Wedding

Arizona is a lesbian and is currently married to Callie Torres.

At the Emerald City Bar, she saw that Callie was upset and came to comfort her in the bathroom and kissed her. Callie soon decided to ask her out, but Arizona declined the offer after finding out Erica was Callie's first girlfriend. Her reasons were metaphorical: she deals mostly with newborns at work; she does not want to deal with them in her personal life, but she claimed "[she is] super flattered. Super." at the offer. Annoyed, Callie confronted her, but the situation was made more awkward after she discovered that Arizona was on a date with a woman named Julie.

Callie started to avoid her, but she was eventually cornered in the elevator. Arizona then decided to explain that sometimes she doesn't always make the right choice under pressure and that she was wrong. Callie accepted it and Arizona asked her out again and after pretending not to be interested for a few seconds, Callie accepted.

Their relationship continued, but when Callie's father came to visit and discovered that she was dating a girl, he cut Callie off. Mark and Cristina both suggested that she lie and say she broke up with Arizona, but after Arizona approached her and told her that she loved how Callie cared so much about things and wouldn't care if Callie lied, Callie decided not to lie because her family should accept her.

However, Callie began to withdraw slightly and began to avoid Arizona. Arizona then asked if their relationship was just a fling and it had run its course and Callie told her that it probably was. Arizona later approached Callie and Callie told her the real reason was because she didn't have the money for four-star restaurants anymore but Arizona told her that they could stay in and eat sandwiches. Callie countered that neither of them liked sandwiches, so they settled on pizza instead.

The relationship was threatened again when Callie got annoyed at Arizona for believing that George joining the army was awesome, but after hearing that Arizona's brother died in the war, she apologized.

On Arizona's birthday, after a failed surprise party, Arizona told Callie she loved her, and Callie reciprocated her feelings. Callie was dismayed to learn that Arizona didn't want children. She assumed that Arizona's reluctance was related to her brother's death, but Arizona told her she simply liked her life the way it was. They came to the conclusion that they could not continue their relationship, as they both wanted different things. However, after a shooter entered Seattle Grace with a vendetta for Derek, Lexie, and Richard, they were in lockdown together, and eventually decided to get back together and have kids. They passionately kissed in happiness.

Six months after the shooting, Arizona received word that she had been given the Carter Maddison Grant, and was allowed to go to Malawi and become a doctor there. She had applied for this grant two years previously, when she hadn't met Callie yet. After some hesitation, Arizona decided to accept the grant. In the end, Callie was shown to have accepted this as well and decided to leave with Arizona. However, a fight at the airport resulted in Arizona leaving for Africa without Callie. After some time passed, Arizona came back and told Callie she missed her, but Callie closed the door in her face.

Callie continued to reject Arizona's constant pleading and apologies. Eventually, Callie revealed that she was pregnant with Mark's baby. After asking for time to process, Arizona accepted the situation, and she and Callie restarted their relationship. Callie and Arizona later reconciled and they moved back in together. After seeing the baby's heartbeat for the first time, Arizona referred to the baby as "theirs."

However, tensions continued with Mark in the picture as an active and interested father. Callie gifted Arizona with a weekend getaway, but continued communicating with Mark as she and Arizona drove. Arizona's jealousy came to the forefront, and the two argued, with Callie concluding, "Tell me what you want and I'll do it." After a pause, Arizona said, "Marry me." They had shocked faces as they approached a stopped truck and crashed. Arizona was slightly battered, but Callie (who'd taken off her seatbelt) flew through the windshield. A series of surgeries followed (including the delivery of her very premature baby) along with emotional breakdowns by both Mark and Arizona. Callie eventually woke up and turned to Arizona, who was sitting at her bedside, and whispered, "Yes, I'll marry you." They finally married at a ceremony officiated by Miranda Bailey.

Lauren Boswell Edit

Dr. Lauren Boswell came to GSM to perform a surgery on an infant with his brain growing on the outside of his head. She was very flirtatious with Arizona, who happily flirted back. At the start of the super storm, she asked for Arizona to show her to an on-call room to rest in. Arizona obliged and took her there. They said their goodbyes and Arizona extended her arm for a handshake. Lauren simply laughed and they hugged. The lights flickered off from the super storm as they started kissing. As the lights flickered back on, Arizona pushed her off, saying that she couldn't do that. Arizona almost left and Lauren said, "Arizona, you are allowed to lose a little bit of control." Arizona pondered the thought for a moment and ended up locking the door instead of opening it. She returned to Lauren and kissed her while she pulled off Lauren's lab coat.

Leah Murphy Edit

On the night of the fundraising gala, Arizona Robbins and April Kepner bonded over drinks in the hospital storage closet. Since they were too intoxicated to drive, Leah called them a cab. Shortly thereafter, Leah called to make sure the girls arrived home safely and ended up visiting Arizona at her apartment. The two watched movies and talked all night (though Arizona remembered none of it). Worried about what took place that night, Arizona asked Leah if anything happened between them and Leah told her nothing had.

However, the two ended up making out on a different occasion, causing Leah to become somewhat obsessed with Arizona (much like she did with Alex). Arizona rebuffed her obsession and ended things. Leah told Arizona that she respected her so much and the thought of Arizona thinking about her in that way made her feel amazing. That night Arizona texted Leah asking 'What are you up to?' implying that she wanted her to come over.

On the morning of Halloween, Leah wakes up in Arizona's hotel bed. She gets ready to leave, waking up Arizona, Arizona says that she doesn't have to leave. Leah says she knows she's not supposed to sleep over and apologizes, but Arizona says it's okay. Leah thinks it's not, as she's all about easy. At the hospital, Leah gets bit in the neck by a drug addict and is tested for HIV. Arizona helped calm her worry. She told Leah a similar story to reach out to her.  

Friendships Edit

Miranda Bailey Edit

When Arizona changed Jackson's treatment plan, Bailey was furious as she supported Kenley's decision and believed it was the right choice. However, Arizona disagreed, stating that more senior peds surgeons believed that course of treatment was the right choice, but she wanted to try another approach. Bailey went to the Chief, clearly expressing her dissatisfaction with this choice, both medically and personally. The Chief told Bailey that Arizona Robbins was top of her class and chief resident.  

After more clear and vocal disagreements over Jackson's treatment from Bailey (relating to placing him on the transplant list), Bailey wanted a second opinion and Robbins obliged, revealing in the process that she knows the head of pediatric surgery at John's Hopkins to the point of being on first name terms with him (telling Bailey to say that "Arizona" sent her), all the while berating Bailey for second guessing her judgment ever since she arrived.

Arizona eventually began to develop a rapport with Bailey, allowing her to remove the clamp in Jackson's transplant.

Dr. Robbins reassured Bailey that she was a peds surgeon, claiming she was "uniquely qualified", and supporting her in her application, reminding her about the competition and her letters of recommendation, but remained super excited for her to move onto her service, in her own words described as "Yay!". 

Teddy Altman Edit

On her first day at the hospital, the only person Teddy knew was Owen. They joined Arizona, Mark, and Callie in the cafeteria. After lunch, Teddy and Arizona walked to the ER together. Jackson and Cristina were waiting for Arizona, because their patient was a boy with asthma. Teddy did a little exam and found at the boy had cardiac asthma. She asked for an OR, but Cristina, who had been questioning Teddy's abilities all day, was reluctant. Teddy then made it clear to Cristina that she had to what she said, and left. Arizona smilingly commented that she really liked Teddy. 

Later, when Arizona noticed Teddy staring mooningly at Owen, Arizona declared that the two of them were going to be friends, going so far as to claim that, "I'm an awesome friend." She suggested that they do a ladies' night. 

April Kepner Edit

After seeing Callie at the fundraising gala, Arizona escaped back to the hospital, where she hid in a supply closet to cry. April found her there and offered comfort, but Arizona kindly sent her away. However, at the party, April overheard Callie tell everyone that Arizona died in the plane crash they were in. Furious at this, she took two bottles of champagne and met Arizona in the hospital storage closet where she was hiding to share a drink and talk. They soon became very open with each other and discussed their relationship problems together, bonding them. April later stood up for Arizona against Callie when Callie mentioned wanting to move back into the apartment. She reminded Callie that Arizona needs the elevator and that it's already retrofitted to be accessible for her. 

Professional Edit

Alex Karev Edit

Alex Karev and Arizona Robbins started out with a rocky relationship when they first met. But as time went on, Karev realized that Arizona was one of the few people who actually believed in him. Arizona Robbins saw Karev as a promising peds surgeon who was dedicated despite his temper and personal issues and continued to maintain a good mentor-student relationship with him until the end of Alex's residency, when Karev's decision to leave Seattle to take the fellowship offer at Hopkins led her to taking his place on a plane that ended up crashing. While she is in the hospital trying to fight the infection in her leg, she mentions that she is still very much "pissed off" and states that she feels as though Karev should have been in the crash rather than herself, because she spent the whole time thinking about her wife and her baby and he has no wife and no baby; he has no one. 

Others Edit

Arizona initially got off on the wrong foot with Dr. Bailey and Karev. Alex couldn't understand how she could be so perky after harvesting organs from a young child. When Dr. Kenley died Dr. Bailey took offense to Arizona changing Jackson Prescott's course of treatment and proceeded to complain to the Chief and call her an "infant". However, Bailey soon realized that Arizona is a competent doctor and grew closer with her after applying for a peds fellowship. 

After becoming Callie's girlfriend, Arizona also became good enough friends with Mark and Cristina 

Career Edit

Tumblr kqibdyQ9Hs1qzsnspo1 500

Arizona at work

Following the death of Dr. Jordan Kenley, Dr. Robbins was appointed as Head of Pediatric Surgery atSeattle Grace Hospital. She was top of her class and she was the chief resident in her fifth year at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She then completed her pediatric surgical fellowship at Seattle Grace Hospital. 

When Bailey and Robbins first worked together, Richard said to Bailey that "She's the best that anyone's seen in a long time, just like you are". She is also on a first name basis with the Head of Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins, as she studied under him during her residency.

When Arizona won a grant to advance pediatric surgery in less developed countries, she gave her notice and resigned. Later, she returns to Seattle Grace as an attending under Dr. Robert Stark, the interim Head of Pediatric Surgery. A year later, Arizona resumes her position as the head pediatric surgeon.

She is very much aware of the nature of her job, Robbins has seen things in pediatric surgery to the extent she has nightmares about the tiny coffins that her patients will be buried in, and so she will remain optimistic in the face of the tragedy involved in her job.

Her optimism and child-friendly abilities can be seen frequently and are also shown as she has cute animals on her lab coat; what appears to be a monkey or a lion above the Seattle Grace logo on the right hand side of her lab coat and a cat above her name and title on the left hand side; and she even wears Heelys at work, heeling around the hospital. When Cristina Yang was put on her service she made Cristina attach a small toy bear, Mr. Bear, to her lab coat and made sure she knew that pediatric surgery was not general surgery in miniature and that Cristina had to like children.

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 residency year, Arizona decided to start a fetal surgery fellowship under Dr. Nicole Herman. Because of brain tumor, Nicole is very harsh on Arizona, as she wants to teach Arizona years worth of fetal surgery knowledge within the six months she has left. 

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Arizona wears a Holly Hobbie scrub cap.
  • Arizona likes pizza.
  • Arizona dislikes sandwiches.
  • When confronting someone who commands respect and authourity, such as her father or Chief Webber, she often used to break down and cry, but she seems to have gotten over throughout the years.
  • When under pressure and in trouble, Arizona smokes cigarettes.
  • When her brother died, she grieved by eating donuts and crying.
  • Her birthday may be November 5, the original air date of the episode Invest in Love, which depicts her birthday. It's not entirely sure, because air dates don't always correspond with in-universe dates. If it is true, she would be a Scorpio.
  • She dislikes pumpkin scones.
  • Arizona's left leg was amputated above the knee following her being in a plane crash.
  • Sofia calls her Mama.
  • Arizona refers to her patients as tiny humans and to their parents as tiny human makers. 
  • She hates camping.
  • During Arizona's third year as a med student, doing an internal medicine rotation, she experienced an HIV-scare due to an incorrect needle retraction while working on an end-stage AIDS patient.
  • When she and Callie decided to get pregnant, Arizona started making a list of terrible baby names, which included Raynbow, Bubba, Tulio, Agamemnon, Zamboni, Hashtag, and Digger. Since Callie didn't want any of the cute baby names she wanted, her plan was to bury them on a sea of terrible ones. ("We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together")

Notable Episodes Edit

These episodes are Arizona-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life. 

  • Wish You Were Here
  • Beat Your Heart Out
  • Invasion
  • Invest in Love
  • Song Beneath the Song
  • White Wedding
  • Flight
  • Remember the Time
  • I Saw Her Standing There
  • Walking on a Dream
  • Idle Hands
  • Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
  • Throwing it All Away
  • Bend & Break

Memorable Quotes Edit

Most people think I was named for the state, but it's not true. I was named for a battleship, the U.S.S. Arizona. My grandfather was serving on the Arizona when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and he saved 19 men before he drowned. Pretty much everything my father did his whole life was about honoring that sacrifice. I was raised to be a good man in a storm. Raised to love my country, love my family, protect the things I love. When my father, Colonel Daniel Robbins of the United States Marine Corps heard that I was a lesbian, he said he had only one question. I was prepared for, "How fast can you get the hell out of my house?" But instead, it was, "Are you still who I raised you to be?" My father believed in country the way that you believe in God. And my father is not a man who bends, but he bent for me because I'm his daughter. I'm a good man in a storm. I love your daughter, and I protect the things that I love. Not that I need to. She doesn't need it. She's strong, and caring, and honorable. And she's who you raised her to be

Appearances Edit

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