Kimmie Kepner
Kimmie Kepner in 10x11
Character History
Name Kimmie Kepner
Status Alive
Marital Unnamed Husband
Children 3 Unnamed Sons
Parents Joe Kepner

Karen Kepner

Siblings Libby Kepner

April Kepner

Alice Kepner

Other Family Jackson Avery (brother-in-law)

Unnamed Brother-in-Law

Nephew (via April & Jackson

Portrayed By Elizabeth Bond
Seasons 10
First Appearance Man on the Moon
Last Appearance Get Up, Stand Up

Kimmie Kepner is the younger sister of April Kepner and sister-in-law of Jackson Avery.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

She is the third of four girls and she grew up on a farm with her family.

April's Bridal Shower Edit

April's Wedding Edit

Kimmie and her sisters were pissed that April fired them as her bridesmaids and chose Arizona, Meredith and Cristina to be her bridesmaids instead. Despite their anger, they did attend the wedding, where they angrily looked at their sister's bridesmaids. When Jackson stood up to confess his love for April and ask her if she loved him too, Kimmie and her sister were surprised by his confession and waited for April's answer. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Kimmie walked down the aisle a virgin, just like her sisters Alice and Libby. At some point in the marriage, her husband cheated on her. April doesn't know about this, but Kimmie told Arizona about it. Kimmie and her husband chose not to go couples therapy, and instead, they just try to get their lives back to normal on their own.

Familial Edit

Kimmie has an extremely close bond with her sisters, Alice and Libby in particular. Since April moved away to Seattle, their relationship is not as close as the one with the other sisters.

Notes and TriviaEdit Edit

  • Kimmie walked down the aisle a virgin, just as April intended to do before she slept with Jackson.
  • She seems to have somewhat of a drinking problem. This might be related to her husband having cheated on her.
  • She has a cat who lost a leg.