Seattle is a city in Washington State, one of the 50 United States of America

Medical Facilities Edit

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Edit

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Seattle Presbyterian Hospital Edit

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Roseridge Home for Extended Care Edit

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Redmond Edit

Redmond is about an hour away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

County Edit

County is mentioned sometimes, but has never been seen.

Seattle Cancer Center Edit

A center in Seattle specifically for treating cancer. Judge Brentner was treated there.

Tourist Attractions Edit

Space Needle Edit

The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle, Washington, and is a major landmark of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and a symbol of Seattle. From the top of the Needle, you can see Elliot Bay.

It is seen in most episodes of Grey's Anatomy but it's not mentioned often.

Sporting Teams Edit

Seattle Mariners Edit

Seattle Mariners are a sports team in Seattle.

In Emerald City Bar, there was a calender with a picture of the Seattle Mariners behind the table that Denny Duquette, Sr. and Izzie Stevens sat at.

Television News Stations Edit

2 KDNV Edit


In Into You Like a Train, Joe turned on the television just as the interns were paged to the hospital. The television showed the wreckage (live) of when a boy tried to outrun a train and crashed, resulting in a lot of wreckage and casualties.

Komo 4 News Edit


In Walk on Water, they reported on a ferry crash. The station appeared on a Seattle Grace Hospital television and was viewed by Cristina, Webber, and a room full of anxious patients.

KOYF 8 News Edit


In Fear (of the Unknown), KOYF 8 was shown reporting on the mall explosion. A few different TVs in the hospital were tuned to that station to watch the news reports.

Publications Edit

Northwest LIFE Edit

Northwest Life is a broadsheet newspaper that George O'Malley was reading in season three of Grey's Anatomy.

While the other interns were debating over who was crazier Izzie or Meredith in the locker room (Meredith for not telling Derek she broke up with Finn or Izzie for not cashing in her big giant check), George was reading the newspaper (Oh, the Guilt).

Seattle Post Gazette Edit

On March 14, 2003 a medical correspondent named James Smith wrote an article called "Grace gets her man; Webber accepts chief position". In the article, the board ...could not be happier about having a surgeon of Dr. Webber's caliber. The article mentioned that Webber got into the surgical program in one of the most competitive years and Webber said that if one or two of his Manhattan colleagues came to Seattle, it would be nice to see how their attitudes spark things.

Star Scopes Edit

In Damage Case, to try to make Denny feel better, Izzie bought him some very expensive chocolate and the Star Scopes tabloid.

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