This page is for staffers of Seattle Grace Mercy West HospitalSeattle Grace HospitalGrey Sloan Memorial Hospital, or any other facilities on Grey's Anatomy who are never seen, but are mentioned on the show in some way.

Season One Edit

A Hard Day's Night Edit

Season Two Edit

  • Howard Stevens (no relation to Izzie Stevens) was paged on the intercom to room 1435.

Enough is Enough Edit

Season Three Edit

Didn't We Almost Have It All? Edit

  • Charisse St. Amant, Annette Sutera, Ryan Blank,

Gregory Gootsan, and Karin Gleason were on the list of arriving interns for General Surgery.

Season Four Edit

Crash Into Me, Part 2 Edit

  • Dr. Lisa Taylor was paged on the intercom. Lisa Taylor is also the name of a co-producer of Grey's Anatomy.

Season Five Edit

Before and After Edit

  • Gary Ballard was called on the intercom.

Elevator Love Letter Edit

  • Dr. Parker is an OB/GYN who was enlisted to harvest eggs from Izzie Stevens prior to her receiving cancer treatment.

Season Six Edit

Tainted Obligation Edit

  • Ann was Arizona Robbins' favorite scrub nurse until she was laid off as part of the pre-merger cutbacks. She is a single mother with three kids.

Blink Edit

Season Seven Edit

Adrift and at Peace Edit

  • Dr. Dan Miller is another orthopedic surgeon in the hospital.
  • Dr. Marshall works at NYU and called to ask Owen about speaking at their conference.

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) Edit

  • Dr. Neil Lefkoff works at the University of Miami. Through Twitter, Neil got to reconnect with Dr. Richard Webber, with whom he worked when he was a resident at Seattle Grace Hospital 8 years prior.

Not Responsible Edit

  • Lucy Fields told Meredith that Dr. Metzger would follow up on her vision problems caused by her fertility drugs.

It's a Long Way Back Edit

Season Eight Edit

What is It About Men Edit

Put Me In, Coach Edit

  • Dr. Samuelson is a neurosurgeon whom Derek said was qualified to remove part of Charissa Baer's HH tumor.

Dark Was the Night Edit

  • Dr. Taylor is a cardiothoracic surgeon who was on vacation and Dr. Goldman was said to have been 45 minutes away. Dr. Rudski was said to be an ass who was sloppy.

Suddenly Edit

One Step Too Far Edit

  • Dr. Marcus was mentioned by Arizona Robbins. She told Alex Karev to page Marcus when Thomas Peterson's brain bleed worsened during his heart surgery.

Moment of Truth Edit

  • Ted Stevenson was mentioned as the head of trauma at Case Western Medical Center.

Season Nine Edit

Remember the Time Edit

Beautiful Doom Edit

I Was Made for Lovin' You Edit

  • Dr. Clemens is a neurosurgeon who operated on Vincent Freeman with the help of Derek Shepherd.

The End is the Beginning is the End Edit

  • Dr. Jovan is a plastic surgeon who consulted with Jackson Avery on James Leggett.

Bad Blood Edit

  • Joy is a nurse who worked on Rich Campion's surgery.
  • Drs. Colvin, Beck, and Springfield were approached by April Kepner about budget cuts to save the ER.

Readiness is All Edit

Season Ten Edit

Puttin' on the Ritz Edit

I Bet It Stung Edit

  • Jenna is a worker in the hospital day care, who held Zola while she receivied head stitches, since Meredith had to go to surgery.

You Be Illin' Edit

  • Nurse Ruth mentioned that Drs. Garrison and Anders, both neurosurgeons, were sick with the virus and unavailable to operate.
  • Dr. Campbell is mentioned as a resident who is out sick with the virus.

I'm Winning Edit

  • Ronald Myers won the 2014 Harper Avery Award.

Season Eleven Edit

Risk Edit

Unknown Season Edit

  • Dr. Garmin was paged to room 417.